Over the past two decades I have taught many different classes throughout the political science, sociology, and criminology/criminal justice curriculum at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Class sizes have ranged from a handful of students to large lecture halls almost filled to capacity. I enjoy teaching and I am constantly changing my approach to accommodate to the needs of my students. My pedagogical approach varies based on the subject, level, and sophistication of the students. This can range from straight lecture style, to seminar format, to scenario development, case study analysis, and role playing. Because of Middle States accreditation requirements, I have been involved in the selective assessment of my courses. This year I am teaching the following classes:

Spring 2017

On Sabbatical

Fall 2017

CRJU 301.001 Contemporary Criminal Justice System

CRJU 301.100 Contemporary Criminal Justice System

CRJU 454.002 Criminal Behavior: Crimes of the Powerful

Syllabi available upon request